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Subject: FW: Sandfield PTA



Subject: Sandfield PTA
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 23:10:11 +0000

Happy New Year to All,


Sandfield Parent Teacher Association


Last meeting was on 10th December 2008


Present: Amanda, Bimpe,Nisha, Aarti,Sejal Modha,Pradeep Popat,Enna Lakhani,Dhamesh Lakhani,Piyush Kotecha,Asha Sodha,Rashmita Shanghera, Reena Radia, Ketan Radia.


This meeting was held straight after the Christmas disco in the year 2 area.

It was decided that with everyone present we would go ahead to form the committee members, there was a vote and the following members were elected: 

                   Chair      Sejal Modha

                   Treasurer Piyush Kotecha , Aarti

                   Secretary Asha Sodha



Sejal then chaired the meeting, we all looked at the constitution and agreed that it will be adopted as it was with no changes.

We need to decide where we should open bank account.

We also talked as to how many events may be done in the year,possibly something each term and also if we could bring ideas to the next meeting ,Amanda to ask for ideas from parents in the news letter.

Amanda  mentioned that the tea towel letters had gone out that day for parent to order each one at a cost of 5 ,there is one for each keystage and every child has done a drawing of themself. 


Asha to fill in the constitution form witness signed by Amanda, form given to Amanda to sign. 


Day and times of meetings was also discussed, all agreed to Tuesday evenings at 5.30 to finish by 6.30 ,everyone is asked to arrive on time so that we can finish on time.


Next meeting to take place on Tuesday 13th January 2009 at 5.30 in the staff room


Meeting closed at 6.45

Look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.